Monday, August 2, 2010

Tucson leads to Tombstone

'Ello, all!

So it's a little late, but it's been a long weekend. On Saturday I was in Tucson at Borders on Broadway. Heck of a place, and busy as all get out! Part of a mall, so that explains it. Of course my hubby and son came along.

I had a little corner table, and managed to talk to quite a few nice people. It's great. Every time I go out, I meet so many people who tell me they are writing, or have tried to write, and never had the persistence to go through with it, or, as one lady told me, "I want to be where you are." It was nice, because I've felt that way for so long. And as I laughingly told her, I want to be where someone like Nora Roberts or Jennifer Ashley is at--loads of books out there and lots of opportunity, no matter how much work it is!

Another great thing I've experienced is that people are actually very impressed when you mention it's your first book. There's a look of disbelief, and they are automatically more disposed to listen to what you have to say. Sometimes they decide to pick up the book, sometimes it's just to hear how you got started, and sometimes they walk away. But there's so much positivity out there, and it's great. Doing these book signings has been a great experience for me, and I'm constantly learning. I know I can't be the shy wallflower; I have to approach and advertise my book. It is an effort.

Now that I've finished for now--and much thanks to Colleen, the GM, and Ramona, the sales manager whom I've been in contact with for over a month--thanks guys!--now it's on to working on the next book. I want to finish it up and get it out there so hopefully I can get a real agent and real contract. We shall see.

Hope springs eternal, right?

In the meantime, thanks so much to all the Borders I've visited, all the GMs and sales managers and wonderful people I've visited. Much love and luck to all the other aspiring authors.

Till later!


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  1. I remember in school I had a short story writing project and it was one of my favorite assignments ever! I think I just loved that I got to write and put out my creative side without having to do any research necessarily. It was quite fun to let my imagine run wild all over my paper and I think that was probably the only assignment I ever completed before it was due!