Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Might Have Been: Ready to Order

Hello, everybody!

Now is the moment we've been waiting: the book is ready to order!

Just received word from the publisher that it is a Go. So, this is it. Time to find out what the hype is about.

Head on over to this site:


So you can buy direct from AEG, my lovely and wonderful publisher, or you can wait until it is available in your local store. Can't tell for certain which will be faster right now, so I leave it in your capable hands.

You can check out the beautiful cover art too. My sneakiness has paid off. I hope you all love the cover as much as I do!

Once your purchase your copy, then tell every single person you know to go buy it too.

And by the way, if any of you are involved in groups that would like a speaker or would like me to come introduce myself and my book, let me know! This is me advertising myself:)

Thank you for your support, guys! I love you all!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Best Part

On the 23rd, I got the best moment of my life: I got to hold my book in my hands for the first time. It was such an incredible feeling. I've literally dreamed about that moment for years, when I would get to see my work in print, see my name on a bookcover.

I am utterly thrilled with how the book turned out. Right now I am checking it for any print errors, but so far so good. If everything is good to go, then the book is going to be ready for sales and all sorts of fun marketing stuff will commence.

From what my publisher was telling me, they are looking to do the newsletter, of course. There's also supposedly an author video, a website, and some other things in the works too. It feels very strange to know that very soon my name will be out there, and at some point people may recognize it.

I am constantly torn between wanting to show off the cover and let it be a surprise for everyone. I'm immensely proud of this book, so it is difficult to decide.

I've had a couple of people ask me, why use your real name? Why not use a pen name? I did consider briefly using a pen name, but then I realized this: It's my work. It's been my brainchild for years now. Success or fail, I want it to be mine completely. Let everyone know that it is my work. And even though there are going to be people who don't like, there will be people who do like it.

This is my biggest challenge yet. I've always been fairly protective of my work, a little self-conscious of it, afraid to know what people think. I am officially entering the larger world where I am open to criticism, praise, and all the joy of the literary world. Big step for me.

Soon enough, my book will be on shelves. I want to tell everyone! Get excited with me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Closer and closer

The closer and closer we near to release, the more excited I am. And I am super excited to tell you about an offer that's been presented to me.

My publisher is offering to do a newsletter, sent direct to your email, that would be about me. IT would include my biography, the press release of my book, the cover art, and fun little tid bits. Sounds spiffy, right?

Right! Well, if I can find 200 folks who'd be interested in receiving the newsletter, I don't have to pay a dime! There's no spamming, no selling of anyone's email, just the one straight up shot, and then you can choose to sign up for further emailings.

If you are interested, then just send me a note with your email address, and I'll pass it to my publisher, AEG. They are awesome folks, and have been treating me great.

So if you want to keep up on all the happenings with me and my book, this is a great chance.

Thanks for reading and have a great night!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exciting Progress

Good eeeevening, all. Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. In truth, I have no idea if anyone is even reading this yet. After all, no one really knows me yet. Soon, though... soon my name will be out there, to love or to hate or to ignore. And you know what? I actually can't wait for that. I don't look forward to people telling me that I suck. But I still relish the idea of someone knowing my name enough to say "Oh, that person. I know that name." In whichever context it may be.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to see the final cover work for the book, and I have to say that I love it. It's unique, it's very definitive of the story, it's beautiful. It was designed by a lovely woman named Jamie at Eloquent Books. It was pretty much love at first sight. Once she designed it, I loved it, and it was the first design. Hasty? Perhaps. But honestly, I can't imagine a better layout or design.

At present, I am awaiting the proof copy of the book to look over for any errors. With any luck (and I do cross my fingers) within 4-6 weeks we'll begin marketing. Yay! I can only imagine what lies ahead in those waters. I know there's a press release being formed, an author video is supposed to get put together, and my name will officially be getting ready to be released. It's daunting; I don't deny that. Especially for someone who's always been naturally shy.

Well, time to leave all that behind. The writing world is not the place for the timid.

I am very excited about the progress on the book. I check over the last copy that went into the publisher, and worry about every line. I recognize quite a few different paths and plotlines I could have followed, or added. But really, I am satisfied with how it turned out. I can't wait to see it in a book, a real book. This is the giddiness it elicits in me.

Well, until next time, gentle readers.