Saturday, September 22, 2012

Please Help My Cat

We found out a few weeks ago that our cat Max has cancer. It is obstructing his mouth and growing on his tongue. He cannot eat and can barely take down liquid. He is in a lot of pain, and we cannot afford his treatment. Unfortunately we are looking at the only humane option left, which is helping him pass on and ending his pain. It is an excruciating decision, but we want what is best for Max. I have had him for over 12 years, and he was already a full adult when I got him. He has been my friend, guardian, confidant and protector of our family. He deserves so much for than living in pain and starving to death. Please help us help him find his way to the other side painlessly. This is how he is now, sick, unable to clean himself. My poor baby.
This is how he used to be: healthy, happy and noisy.