Monday, July 26, 2010

Paradise Valley

'Ello, all!

Had a great time at Paradise Valley, home of my former boss Kris Leathers, who is keeping her new store in great shape. Thanks of course to Tony who set me up something awesome. I had a great table, at the front of the store, and was kind of the official greeter, which worked out great.

Amusing: he told me if I kept doing such a great job greeting, they'd have to put me on payroll. *smiles* Silly; I AM on payroll--just down in Mesa!

I had a blast talking to people there. I also have two possible mentions to come speak at book clubs. That would be amazing! So, we'll see what happens. There are so many young people who are starting writing: I met two great teens who are hyping mythology and vampires. Best of luck to you, Alyssa and Robin!

Thank you PV for having me out there, and thanks, Kris! I'm sure I'll come out soon.

My last signing is going to be next weekend, July 31st, in Tucson at the Broadway Borders.

Have a great one, and blessed be, all!


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  1. AWWWW!! I wish I could go to one of your signings! Why can't you set one up in Wichita and come see all of your favorite Kansas folk? You know me, I won't ask to get a day off at work but if you came to Wichita for a book signing I would make sure I have the day off!