Monday, October 4, 2010

The Few, the proud, the listless

Another Monday, come and gone. We had rain today--not just rain, but loud freaking thunder and wind and lightning... It was like being back in Kansas! Kind of awesome, and very enjoyable.

Having days like this are always comforting. I like the sun. I have to; I live in the desert. But I grew up with storms and rain and the unpredictable weather; I rather miss that. Poor Flagstaff seems to get the brunt of it all around here. They get sidles with flash floods, and mudslides, and all sorts of crap.

Things are a little slow on the writing front. I have, however, had the conundrum of working on three different projects at the same time. I literally have all three books open and go from one to the next depending on what wanders into my head. Not the smartest way to write. I think this means I need to seriously edit my iTunes playlist.

I used to have a very strict ritual: I would come home, get all the other stuff out of the way, and once my son was in bed I would get a drink, light a stick of jasmine incense, then sit down. I opened my playlist, threw on headphones, and wrote for the entire evening before I had to go to bed. That is how I finished "What Might Have Been." And it worked; only took me about a week... plus editing and rewrites.

What sort of things get you going? Do you listen to music when you write, or do you have to have quiet?

I shall have other fun things to talk about later. In the meantime, have a lovely night!


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