Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Glorious Return, plus a Review

I know I've been absent for awhile. Getting canned from Borders is not something I really want to brag about, much less dwell on, yet dwell on it I have. Much brooding and job searching ensued. That was a couple of weeks ago, and my book signing in Glendale was cancelled at the same time. Not a great way to get things going.

But, here I am, still alive. My job hunt continues, but I am feeling more optimistic at this time. I wish I could say I've been using all this down time to do some writing, maybe finish my next book, but let's not stretch reality too much. I have, however, done some reading, and it is with GREAT happiness that I can comment on Ms. Allyson James' upcoming on Novemeber 2nd novel, "Firewalker."

Hello, all.

Ms. James was fabulous enough to give me an ARC of the book, and, as slow as I've been (again, due to depression and slacking), I JUST finished it two seconds ago. Let me tell you, it is fabulous.

For anyone who hasn't picked up Ms. James' books, go do it now. "Stormwalker" is the first of the new series, about a Native American woman named Janet Begay. She is a Stormwalker, which means she gets power from storms, and can do all sorts of cool things like shoot lightning bolts and destroy nasty things like Skinwalkers with her magic. Her mate, Mick, is a dragon, and a super hot one at that (pun intended).

While "Stormwalker" details Janet's origins as well as her fabulous town of Magellan and all their quirky residents, "Firewalker" picks up where the first leaves off. This one delves straight off into trouble Mick has gotten himself into. But it gets even better. Not only are there angry dragons to contend with, but there are all sorts of questions about Janet's other magic from Beneath, a place beneath the earth where her bitch-mother-goddess resides. Nasty, gruesome things begin to happen. Not only does Janet have to worry about saving her lover from angry dragons, but now she has to worry about her Beneath magic and what it's going to do everyone around her if she can't control it.

While there aren't quite as many hot and heavy moments in this one, the action of the story carries it. There's enough heat to make you drool, and enough intensity to keep you flipping pages. There's no question that Janet is one bad-ass chick you'd love to hang out with, and that Mick is one hot guy you want to ask "Got any friends for me?" (Although if you're brave, you could try Colby. You'll see what I mean.)

SO. If you haven't read "Stormwalker," go buy it right now. Yesterday. Then, on November 2nd, go knock on your local bookstore's door until they open, and then go pick up "Firewalker." Allyson James has such a gift for total description without being overbearing, passion and heat, and a way to weave stories together that keep you intrigued.

Just FYI, there is a third in the works, but hopefully more on that later. :) Allyson, you rock, and I can't wait for more.


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