Sunday, September 6, 2009

Head to your local newstand or bookstore

Good morning, everyone,

It's time to head to wherever magazines are sold! The September issue of RT Book Reviews (#307) is currently available, and there is a lovely little spot in the magazine for yours truly under the New Author Spotlight.

That's right, my first magazine exposure. Huzzah! I could be mature about it, but come on, that's freaking cool.

So tell everyone! Jabber to the clerk as you buy it that you know me and are going to purchase the book immediately. Then ask the clerk when the book will be in stores, and to tell the higher ups that it needs to be in store IMMEDIATELY.

So go forth, my minions! Enjoy!

And p.s., for those of you who actually do read this blog, I will update more in the future. I am currently sitting on THREE plot bunnies and will have to figure out which on is going to be the numero uno priority.

Live long and profit,

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