Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sales: myth, reality, or dream? You decide

So I just checked my sales figures. 13 books sold since it was released. Yays! 13 beats 0!

I figure once I hit the marketing hard, i.e. have time and a smidgen of money to put towards it, then those numbers will keep going up.

So mom, stop asking me when I'm getting paid. I make money when you buy the book. Buy my book. Support your daughter.

In other news, I have TONS of research to do for one of the (four) other books I'm someday going to finish. You know, it's funny how writing one book makes you want to write and finish more. I love that my book is out there. Not in stores yet, but it will be. I love that you can Google me. That's awesome.

What are my next projects? A spectacular array of mixed media: a young woman's sojourn to England and her drunken escapades; a failtacular vampire slayer; a plethora of short stories wrapped up in one handy handbasket, and my latest brain child: a thriller involving--come on, if you know me, then this is a no-brainer--government conspiracy.

So, lots to do, things to write, head to explode. And someday, it shall be ME on the author tour, doing fun updates from different cities. Someday...

So for the whole 8 of you, and Ash, lots of love, till next time. Which is strangely coming more and more often.

Remember: I love pasta because my house is made of bricks. Circular logic has no place here.


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