Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good reports

Hey, all,

It's been a busy two months but I am finally updating again :) So far I've gotten some good feedback on my book. Here's a nice little email that was sent to my publisher:

Dear Ms. Mater,
I thought your book was excellently researched and included many fun facts within its story. Your writing style is beautiful, easy to read, and creates easily visible pictures. Though I am not one much for romance novels myself, there was enough surrounding plot to keep me interested enough to be eager to continue to pick up your work every time I was forced to put it down. I sense there may be some personal reflections in your novel, and believe those to only make it a stronger work. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

Best regards,

Mary Norland

And a lovely note on my myspace page from Ms. Sterbenz:

hey read your book i totally loved it couldnt put it down now reading it for the secound time lol

So thanks guys for your kind words!

I also have awesome news: You can look for the September issue of "RT (Romantic Times) Book Reviews". Me and my little book have a nice little feature space in there! Nothing huge, but it's also getting reviewed. Professionally. *trembles in my sandals* And there will be the true test. The lovely folks at RT Reviews, though, have been super wonderful and friendly; I can only hope they'll be kind in the review.

So make sure you check that out! Usually the mag is found IN the Romance section in your bookstore, so there.

Remember: until I can afford lots of great publicity, you guys are my greatest asset. Tell everyone you know to pick up a copy! I'm working to get the book in stores, so hopefully that will happen soon.



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