Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pre-Dawn Thoughts

It's 5 a.m and I am awake, getting ready for work.

The nice thing about this time of day is that it's quiet... except for the hamster that is currently going to town on her wheel. And the occasional yowl from one of my cats. But other than that, quiet.

We finally finished moving, and now comes the dreaded unpacking and organizing. The nice thing about it, is it's yet another opportunity to go through old items, rationalize what to keep, and give away others to needier homes. Yesterday I gave away a couple of purses and a hat, among other things, to a friend.

The writing process can be very similar. Rather, the editing process. It's interesting: whenever I go through past works, I can be very hard on them. I bemoan certain creative decisions, long for new ones, and ponder the justification of starting over again.

I have stories I've written at different periods in my life that certainly reflect those times, thus affecting the voice in each story. Can't say as I'm pleased with all of them, but then I wonder, should I change them? After all, the voice of each story is unique, and sometimes it's very difficult to recapture that voice once it's been dormant for awhile. If I'm lucky, a little tweaking is all I need. In the more standard scenario, a very big rewrite is required.

Then again, if I could focus on one thing at a time, I'd probably accomplish a lot more!

Perhaps my ability to wax eloquent will come after my first cup of coffee. I'm going to assume that. In the meantime, have a great day, all!


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