Thursday, March 31, 2011

Networking, Coffee, and Decaf

Good morning, world!

That would be my sleep-deprived, overly chipper self, here. Got about four hours of sleep last night, and killing time till I get to go speak with a man from Aflac. Yes, you heard me right: Aflac. And no, it's not about me buying insurance, it's about me selling.


Yeah, I know, pretty weird. Well, I need more income, so I'm checking it out. On the bright side, I'm enjoying a delicious cup of Seattles Best Coffee with one small container of half and half, and one small irish cremer. Just made my day.

No, not decaf. Are you insane???

I wanted to give a shout out to a good friend of mine. Can't remember if I did it already or not, but I will do it again! Michele Briere, wonderful lady that she is, recently published her first e-book called In Plain Sight.

I'm giving you a heads up about it today, and then I'm going to do a full review on it in a day or so. I was actually privileged enough to read the first draft... or whatever draft number it was. Anyway, I got to read it before you could buy it, and that's always exciting.

Michele is a very talented writer, and she's created a very unique universe with her story. The most intriguing aspect is, like any really good work of fiction, it leaves you wondering how much could be real. A blend of science fiction, mythology, real life, magic, and action, In Plain Sight is the first in a trilogy, I believe.

Check it out here:

Naturally, it's also for Nook:

So go check it out, and then tune back in for my review.

Three cheers for first time writers!

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