Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wonderful event

Thanks to everyone at Borders store #538 who made my signing so great!

It was a lovely time. I actually started out with 4 books from the original 8 that were ordered, and I sold through all of them. The first couple of folks who came up weren't able to stay long, but they were interested enough, and that was awesome. I wound up reading a bit from the book for my army of 3 and a couple of other folks who wandered over.

My army of 3 was my husband Chris, my son Cirdan, and my friend Stephanie, who bravely stayed the whole 2 hours I sat and tried to flag people down.

It was embarrassing as hell to read aloud, especially with Don videotaping me doing so, but it wasn't so bad. I think I got a few more people interested in the book, and that's what I aimed to do.

So thanks to Stephanie Garlick for sitting with me; my wonderful husband Chris for picture taking, watching our son, making beautiful postcards, and supporting me; to Debbie White for designing such a great poster and putting it together; Alison Meltcher for setting up and taking care of me; Kelcey Woolstenhulme for having me.

I hope this will be the first of many events.

Love to all!


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