Sunday, February 15, 2009

What you might like to know

Good day, all. I hope everyone's had a fantastic weekend. Please remember: show the people closest to you that you love them every day of the year. You don't need just one day to do that.

So I have had some ask me, what exactly is your book about? Why should I read it? Will it be interesting to me?

Well, I will tell you what it is about. You should read it because I have worked very hard for many years to finish this, and I am confident that it is an enjoyable, engaging story. Want to escape for a little bit? Read my book! Will it be interesting to you? I can only hope so. I say with utter confidence that the plot was interesting enough for me to keep working until it was finished, and now that it is done, I am very satisfied. I think you will be too.

"What Might Have Been" is the story of a young woman named Deanna. She works in an art museum but has always had a great love of history, which she shares with her longtime friend, Ariel. Ariel works for a very high profile technology corporation which focuses on making advancements in all manner of departments.

When Ariel shares her latest project with her friend, Deanna unwittingly becomes the experiment in this new field: time travel. A lab accident sends Deanna back in time to 1881, Tombstone, Arizona Territory.

When she reaches the boomtown, Deanna realizes that she may be stuck there for some time, and must therefore make arrangements to survive. Soon enough, she comes into contact with two of the key elements of the town at the time: the Earp Brothers, Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan, and the Cowboys, a renegade group of thieves, rustlers and killers who banded together in the lawless territory.

She catches the eye of wild and reckless Cowboy, Billy Clanton, who is fated to die in the shootout near the O.K. Corral, and the younger Earp brother, Morgan. Struggling to survive in a time that is foreign and dangerous, Deanna tries to blend in and change as little as possible. But as time passes and the danger rises each day, she finds there is only one person she can turn to for help: the handsome young lawman, Morgan.

The book is filled with references to local stores, historical figures, and lovely little facts that came out in my research. It's romance, adventure, and history all rolled into one. I have had the pleasure of traveling to Tombstone quite a few times through the years, and each time I learn something new. I hope that anyone who reads the book will be inspired to learn more about the fascinating time that has sparked so much curiosity and speculation. Facts and fiction are able to intermingle; the separation of the two is just as interesting.

There you have it, folks! I hope that you like the premise. I tried to give as much as possible without giving everything out.

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